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Star Auto Solutions fabricated MCB boxes, electrical panels, door hinges, wheel housings and much more.

Sheet metal has been used widely to produce automotive body panels of several types of spare parts like brake pedal assemblies, clutch pedal assemblies, electrical panels, link assembly, automotive flanges, heat shield and many more. With the advancement in technologies and addition of the robotics and other popular automobile manufacturing, there are several types of productions which are really taking the upfront and producing better and real time options.

Different types of laser techniques are out forth to alter the shape and design of sheet metals and manufacture respective products that can bring in remarkable changes as well as efficiency in the automobile manufacturing. Star auto solutions is a professional MCB boxes manufacturer, door hinges supplier, end covers manufacturer as well as Chassis brackets supplier, battery trays manufacturer, and the body panels supplier India. We ensure high quality and quick service in all aspects related to the automobile sheet metal part production. We will always be ready to offer some of the real time automobile spare parts products which are practical as well as functional in nature.

Benefits of Buying Sheet Metal Parts from Star Auto Solutions

  • Buyers will get the best quality sheet metal parts which are tremendously necessary for the automobile industry, white goods industry as well as other types of engineering industries.
  • Customized sheet metal parts are designed and manufactured to meet any kind of specific industry demands and bring in the quality change.
  • Innovative range of metal parts designed from steel sheets which will give the best and real time solutions for the automobile solutions.
  • The popular sheet metal products custom designed by us include Chassis brackets, battery trays, body panels, clutch/brake pedal assemblies, foot rests, stands, two wheeler sprockets, MCB boxes, electrical panels, door hinges, wheel housings, mudguards, link assembly, flanges, heat shield, end covers etc.
  • Our buyers will get only superior quality and reliable sheet designed metal parts for all types of industries which eventually bring substantial difference in overall performance.
  • We have the skilled team to back the valuable customers in order to ensure product delivery, quality and finish.
We manufacture and supply custom designed as well as standardizes sheet metal parts for the automobile, white goods and several other manufacturing industries. We offer you free quote to meet your requirements and bring the best possible resources as far as sheet metal parts are concerned. Our qualified sales and marketing team will be ready to offer you the best auto parts meeting your specific criteria.

Sheet Metal Parts MCB boxes, electrical panels, door hinges wheel housings, mudguards, link assembly, flanges, heat shield
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