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Tubing and metal pipes are used in various types industries. These are manufactured using seamless, welded and cast processes. Tubing on the other hand is manufactured from high quality metals like iron or steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, ductile iron and brass. Seamless pipes have the ability to stand the pressure, whereas the welded pipes seem to be cheaper option. All the more cast pipes are not commonly used and developed.

Star Auto Solutions has developed itself in the arena of pipes, tubes and tubular components. We are also providing offering range of ERW pipes, CR pipes, CDW pipes, Seamless pipes which are associated with automotive industry, construction companies etc.

Why Shop for Tubular Components and Pipes from Star Auto Solutions
Did you have the idea why you should buy or shop and compare around to buy from the star auto solutions? If not, here are few important points to take into consideration:

  • The pipes and tubular components which are designed by us are specific and designed to meet the demands. Our efficient tubular components and pipes have the purpose of solve and all the more bring in the change in your type of industry.
  • We custom design the tubular components and pipes and based on it bring the best which is required by you. Our tubular components and pipes are designed to give the best and reliable options in the tubular components and pipes. We have innovated ourselves and developed various sizes and shapes of pipes like round pipe, rectangular pipe, triangular pipe, elliptical pipe etc.
  • We offer the highest quality when it comes to tubular components and pipes for automobile and construction industry.
  • We also take the pride in offering state of the art oxygen launching pipes for your steel furnaces. Besides the pipes, we also have different kinds of tubular components made out of CNC bending machines designed to meet the automotive industry and also in other industrial applications.
If you are seriously looking for the best in the tubular components and lancing pipes for your types of industry, you need to go for the star auto solutions. We will be giving the reliable and smart solutions in the auto pipes which mean that you get the best to choose all the time and in different types of situations. Fill in the online form and choose the type of pipes or tubular components that you wish to buy.

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