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Welcome to Star Auto Solutions, we are your one stop solution for engineering products for automotive, white goods and engineering products industries. We are both manufacturers and suppliers of wide range of machined parts. Our designs and quality are in sync with international standards and can withstand any requirement.

Since we have been in the industry for 30 years, we fully comply with maintaining a quality of various engineered products; along with timely delivery of the same. Our 4 machining and sheet metal plants are fully integrated and we also delve into supplying of products like Rubber Moulded Parts, Plastic Moulded Parts, Die Casting Parts, Sintered Parts, Automotive Springs, Sheet Metal Parts, Automotive Parts, Gaskets, Pipes and Tubes, Fasteners apart from Machined parts.

Star Auto Solutions takes pride in producing big volume of products in an allotted time period. Each piece retains the same quality and this has helped us create a list of trusted clientele. Our manufacturing units always aim at precision and configuring products as per the requirement of our clients. Producing customised products is our flagship. We have a stronghold in delivering customer satisfaction and irrespective of volume and nature of work assigned to us, we have given the best.

Our quality team maintains a very stringent check of each manufactured unit and grades them accordingly. They ascertain that there is no flaw with the products and each should meet the industry requirement.

We value infrastructure and skilled team members, hence have made huge investment to build a strong workforce and this is quite evident in our product’s quality . We give high regard to innovation and technology and hence do not hesitate in investing judiciously in this area.

Foresightedness of founders of Star Auto Solutions has helped it to design, deliver as well as develop best engineered parts for our technologically advanced market.

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